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The Trinity Bag

The Trinity Bag

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What Is The Trinity Bag?

The Trinity Bag is more than just a bag. It's a way to express yourself. It's Comprised of photo-sensitive nanofibres that react to any light source you shine upon it - giving it the distinct reflective quality. 


Definition Of Trinity: "A group of three people or things."

  • Our Three Core Values are: Elegance, Reliability and Honesty. All of which are proudly found in every bag we craft.
  • The Trinity Bag Supports Three Million Colors: Ranging from lilac to turquoise, this is one bag with the personality of millions.
  • Three Times More Likely To Receive Compliments On Your Outfit: For a fraction of the cost of a new outfit, The Trinity Bag is sure to impress everyone everyday!

Here's The Trinity Bag In Action!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Benefits:

  • Increased Social Activity: This bag is a conversation starter in any low light situation!

  • Mobile Protection: The microfibre interior compartment for your cell phone keeps it cosy and stops it from getting scratched, so that you can still toss in all your cosmetic products and keys without needing to worry!

  • Safety:  Primarily designed to impress, the reflective fibres also double as a safety mechanism to make you visible to cars and trucks after that late night party!

Jaw Dropping Design.

When was the last time you remembered what someone's bag looked like? 

Exactly. The Trinity Bag is able to accommodate all styles, from the corporate executive, to the most daring party animal.

Designed To Last. 

We design all of our bags with airforce-tested materials to provide you with the most premium and head-turning handbags. Our fulfilment centres ship worldwide to get your Trinity bag to you and onto your back as quickly as possible!

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